2 BED · 2 bath · 1,181 sqF


 starting at $180,000

  • Price reflects dual roof design to federal code, ready to be delivered

  • Modular code local IRC (international residential code) home is custom and site specific. Please ask us about custom factory building to your site!

    Dedicated Kitchen

We combined all the virtues of the Confluence doubling the area of the open central space.  If you enjoy hosting family and friends, the c2+ is going to be a great fit for your lifestyle.

The original Confluence design elements of expansive windows, carefully chosen sight-lines, high ceilings, smart storage, and easy circulation are continued in this design.


roof design

c2+ dual roof

c2+ dual roof


Dual-roof Design

may be built to either federal manufactured or modular IRC code

metal roofing installed at factory

c2+ mono roof

c2+ mono roof


Mono-roof Design 

federal manufactured code available in california

all other states modular code only

rubber membrane roof from factory or site installed metal roof

c2+ kitchen.jpg

c2+ kitchen

- chef-designed kitchen

- space for plenty of extra helpers

- counter space for enjoyable preparation, cook, and clean-up