Our Northwest Model comes in two options



NORTHWEST (nw.400)

$84,000 | 1 Bed 1 Bath | 400 SQF | 13' 6" x 32'


This is a very popular model for good reason. It’s like a loft that you can place anywhere you want—by the water, in the woods, or in town—the Northwest is hip, urban, and adaptable to all sorts of applications.


NORTHWEST (nw.560)

$97,000 | 1 BED 1 BATH | 560 SQF | 15' x 40' 6"

If you scale up the nw.400 floor plan by 40%, you get the nw.560! And with that you get: a lot more room to play with furniture layout, a lot more possibilities, and an already great floor plan.
The nw.560 is a gracious extension of the original Northwest concept.