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Confluence: c.2

An Authentic Original

$139,000 | 2 Bed 2 Bath | 900+ SQF | 15’ x 62’



Having two bedrooms separated by almost 30 feet of kitchen and living space makes the C.2 incredibly versatile:

  • It's very couple-friendly; allows relaxing and working from home to peacefully coexist on a single floor. 
  • The central open space allows you to circulate through cooking, eating, entertaining, and relaxing in a seamless flow.
  • High ceilings and acres of windows create a lightweight, luminous vibe that invite the outdoors in.


Confluence: c.2+

A Dedicated Kitchen Space

$164,000 | 2 BED 2 BATH | 1,275 SQF | 30' x 62'



We love this "long" kitchen - perfect for designer cooking and entertaining. The long island becomes the center of the house, freeing up the living & dining spaces. 

Form follows function! The "L" kitchen creates fully functioning cooking and a nice breakfast table place! 

Over the years we would hear..."I love the simplicity of the CONFLUENCE, but I need just a little more room." Room for entertaining, room for projects, room to just hang out. So, we combined all the virtues of the CONFLUENCE with just a little more space.

The idea behind the c.2+ is not to simply add space, but to add space that is as much fun as it is functional.

We doubled the area of the open central space to make room for all your friends and family, not just your inner circle. If you enjoy cooking, eating in, hosting game nights, or watching movies with big groups, the c.2+ is going to be a great fit for your lifestyle.

Since the kitchen is the heart of every house, we're offering two layouts that do the following:

  • The "wall of kitchen" layout is literally that: a wall of kitchen buffered by a large (8 ft.) island that is designed to be the center of everything. Perfect for cooking and entertaining, or just hanging out.
  • The "L" kitchen layout features a wraparound kitchen with an island that creates a breakfast table space or an extra workspace or a "drop the back pack" space or even a grand entry space!
  • Both offer additional closet and pantry space while providing more room to move!
  • The original CONFLUENCE design elements of expansive windows, carefully chosen sightlines, high ceilings, smart storage, and easy flow are continued in this design.

Confluence: c.3

Designed with three bedrooms in mind!

$194,000 - $204,000 | 3 BED 2 BATH | 1,500 - 1,700 SQF | 30' x 62'

The "original" C3 offers the flexibility of three bedrooms, with all the lifestyle of the confluence series.

A variation on a theme, the new C3 places three bedrooms next to a truly dynamic living space - quiet spaces where they need to be, and a lot of open loft like living spaces that open up to the outdoors beyond. 

Our innovative use of the prefab housing platform has a ton of inherent flexibility and our clients are always helping us to push the boundaries of what they can do with our houses. The combination of our design experience and our clients’ needs can produce some really cool houses!

The c.3 came to life after our clients kept asking for a three-bedroom version of our original CONFLUENCE. We thought about the qualities people liked from the original and sort of reorganized the spaces. In the "public" part of the house, we lined up an expanded kitchen area with a large living space. In the "private" part of the house: two bedrooms and two full baths are refined by a walk-in closet and a laundry or mudroom space. This arrangement allows for a third bedroom behind the living room. 

The c.3 has the kind of room and function that invites a new family to take root. Or if your life has more moving parts, you will appreciate the extra bedroom and the crisp delineation of public and private space in this design.