[essential space]

element updated kitchen 01.jpg

2 bed / 2 bath + entry  1,600 sf


typically $205,000

As people naturally gravitate to the kitchen island, this natural instinct is the concept for the element kitchen: designed for gathering. A wall of food storage is always easily accessible. An enormous kitchen window makes working at the sink flow to the adjacent garden. Patio doors make it easy for indoor outdoor dining experiences when the weather is nice. No upper cabinets provides a modern, clean, open cooking experience. The inviting entry space neatly stores the necessities of a tidy home. A large built-in desk space under a large picture window makes working a relaxing experience with view and focus. Almost every space and detail of this design is unique!

Perfect both within an urban in-fill lot or located in a vista acreage, everything about the element is welcoming, generous, and open.

  • Price reflects dual roof design to federal code, ready to be delivered

  • Local IRC (international residential code / modular) home is custom and site specific. Please ask us about custom factory building to your site!

  • Rendered with IRC mono-roof design