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Price Range $84,000 - $97,000

1 bed · 1 bath · 400 - 560 sqF

It began with a simple question: what can you do with 400 square feet? Well, if you apply ideabox thinking to that question, the answer is a lot! 

The Northwest series is the ideabox answer to small space living; it's also our original and most loved model.

The first thing we did with this design was eliminate wasted space. Hallways were the first to go. A galley kitchen opposite a compact full bath, provides a pass-through from the living to the sleeping space. 

Like all of our models, the Northwest series uses premium materials, high-end finishes, and energy-efficient construction. Each house is designed to fit your individual tastes and delivery is always quick and easy.

We now offer the Northwest in a 400 sqf park model and a larger 560 sqf permanent home version (pictured above)