It was the design that started ideabox! We now offer the NORTHWEST in its original, 400 SF size - and - a larger 560 SF version.

It began with a simple question: what can you do with 400 square feet? Well, if you apply ideabox thinking to that question, the answer is a lot! 

The NORTHWEST series is the ideabox answer to small space living; it's also our original and most loved model.

The first thing we did with this design was look for wasted space. Hallways were the first to go. A galley kitchen, opposite a compact full bath, provides a pass-through from the living to the sleeping space. 

photo 5.jpg

The separated living and sleeping spaces give a nice public/private division. Or, if you use the NORTHWEST as a display space—as we do at our ideabox headquarters in Salem, OR—then the bedroom can be a second and more private workspace.

Like all of our models, the NORTHWEST series uses premium materials, high-end finishes, and energy-efficient construction. Each house is designed to fit your individual tastes and delivery is always quick and easy.

nw.400: The little wonder house that started ideabox


Our headquarters, located in Salem, OR, allows visitors and clients alike to experience an ideabox firsthand. You really get a sense of how well our floor plans live when you visit our NORTHWEST.

This is a very popular model for good reason. It’s like a loft that you can place anywhere you want—by the water, in the woods, or in town—the NORTHWEST is hip, urban, and adaptable to all sorts of applications.

Hip, green, & factory built.
— The Oregonian

nw.400 Specs

  • Overall 13' 6" x 32'
  • 1br / 1ba
  • 400 square feet
  • Typical price: $78,000

THE NEW nw.560: Same DNA, more feet... square feet!


If you scale up the nw.400 floor plan by 40%, you get the nw.560! And with that you get: a lot more room to play with furniture layout, a lot more possibilities, and an already great floor plan.

The nw.560 is a gracious extension of the original NORTHWEST concept.

nw.560 Specs

  • Overall 15' x 40' 6"
  • 1br / 1ba
  • 560 square feet
  • Typical price:  $87,000