Little is kind of a big thing. Think about it: there’s whole lot of living to do and a mini house makes it easy and fun. More than a few of our clients need something less than a full-on living space, yet something far more than just extra storage space: what they need is a tiny house.

The MINIBOX is our design answer to a big grab bag of needs that include:

  • Backyard retreats
  • Quick additional office spaces
  • Studio spaces
  • Guest suites
  • In-law / returning college kid apartments
  • Kids playrooms

With a kitchen and a bathroom, the MINIBOX is more than just added space. Starting at 200 square feet, the MINIBOX is all about real living space.

The MINIBOX uses an appealing palette of materials:

  • Cool cabinets and fixtures
  • Space and energy-efficient appliances
  • Fun floors, energy-efficient construction, and appropriate use of technology
  • Galvanized metal and resource friendly siding applications

Like all of our houses, every MINI lives larger than its 384 square feet. With the flexibility of RV codes, the MINI can go places where houses can't! How cool is that?

EENY, MEENY, MINEY, MOE... Same design, different looks!

It's all about choices... We took the same floor plan and applied four of our favorite looks. Which is your favorite? Eeny, meeny, miney..... or moe! 

  • The Shed... Simple, clean, and really tall, you'll feel great in this light gathering mini-abode.
  • Gable with Dormer.. A classic. With a tall dormer in the living space, and a cozier space in the bedroom created by a gable roof. 
  • The "Wedge" Shed... its a ceiling that is always moving. We took the shed roof, and turned it, to go with the length of the box. It’s tall where you want it, small where you want it, and everything in between!
  • The Iconic Gable, ideabox style! Throw on a front porch or a side porch and all you need is a rockin’ rocking chair!

At 384 square feet, the MINIBOX collection is all about packing a lot of living in tidy spaces.