There's a certain modern home furnishings retailer that inspires millions with their simple lifestyle solutions. And if you've ever visited one of their stores you've felt it: that buzzing, electrical hum of people getting psyched up about creating and living in a tidy, well-designed space.

That's the same feeling we get when we design and build Ideabox's for our clients creating homes that match their modern, active, and smart lifestyles.

So, we brought the two together. The AKTIV is all about the efficiency of the clever kitchen, storage, and bathroom systems. The design effort became a new ideabox cottage utilizing a European influenced palate of design and finishes. It was an instant hit, practically a classic: the ultimate cottage. Efficient, clever, and now, everything Ideabox!

The AKTIV is like a loft... that you can put anywhere!

Euro influences include:

  • Smart use of cabinets and storage spaces
  • Appliances built into counters (the cooktop), & wall ovens creating smooth site lines
  • The ease and convenience of convection ovens
  • Counter-depth refrigerator
  • Durable flooring running throughout
  • Dynamic new master closet complete with laundry! 

As you'd expect from us, everything is move-in ready upon delivery.

THE AKTIV: A clever cottage


Simple, straight forward, and designed around an active lifestyle, the AKTIV is a wonderful space. The living room opens up and extends to the landscape via large sliding glass doors. The kitchen/dining area is functional and efficient space personified—it really works well for cooking, dining, and entertaining. The dual access bath adds separation from the living space, while the bedroom—with its big sliding glass door—is a retreat from the public spaces both inside and out. The new closet/laundry space provides storage and function.

The New AKTIV Specs

  • 15' x 57'
  • 1br / 1ba
  • 855 square feet
  • Typical price: $97,000

European inspired but designed for the American Northwest, the new AKTIV features a loft like living space, a multi-access bath, and a clever new closet solution that creates the ultimate cottage getaway!