Our Most Popular Design | A Time Proven Classic

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Price Range $139,000 - $204,000

2-3 bed · 2 bath · 950 - 1,700 sqF

While there are many confluence homes out there, no two are the same and each is custom designed to realize the lifestyle goals of our clients and the unique nature of their sites! 

The original CONFLUENCE model began as a simple sketch on the wall in 2006. Since then, the CONFLUENCE series has become the logical design solution for numerous sites and lifestyles.

The original CONFLUENCE explored the idea of a central, expansive living space separating two bedrooms and baths. A simple idea that turned into a powerful, adaptable design and the foundation of the entire series:

  • c.2   | The Original
  • c.2+ | The Original, With Dedicated Kitchen Space
  • c.3   | The Original, With More Of Everything