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12 years designing and building amazing houses 



We're experts at using the prefab housing system to create cost-effective, imaginative, energy-efficient, modern housing with space-savvy layouts and high-quality materials. 





ideabox houses are built in controlled conditions, and trusted to be resilient & reliable.


Quartz counters

Uber-durable metal roofs

Stainless steel appliance package

luxury laminate & vinyl plank flooring 

No VOC paints

Energy-efficient windows, appliances and fixtures

Floor Plan


Perfect sightlines, High ceilings and tall windows


Live Large Consume Small

The ideabox construction process goes easy on everything except quality, beauty, and fun. 

We use a highly efficient, indoor, quality-controlled construction process to build beautiful, comfortable boxes that fit your modern lifestyle.


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California - Colorado - Idaho - Kansas - Montana - Nevada - Nebraska - North Dakota - South Dakota - Oregon - Utah - Washington - Wyoming

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1.    Your Site - Knowing how your home integrates with your site is essential.  We will look at your site with our 3D modeling programs to see things like slope, views, sun, shade, and access. Your observations and local climate combined with our experience and technology place your home in just the right spot.


2.    The Code is the Thing - ideabox builds to both the local building code (IRC/ Modular) and the federal code (Manufactured Code). Both codes ideabox builds are the same quality and experience.


3.    Know Your Budget - As important as your site is, so is your budget.  There are three parts: home, site work & foundation, and transport. You will also want to consider landscape, decks, garage or carport after your home is installed.


4.    Deposits - When you are ready to design your specific site with ideabox, a $5,000 Project Deposit is required, but will be credited back to you upon your final invoice.  When you are ready to proceed with building your home, a 30% Deposit places your home into the production queue, and the final invoice is due prior to shipping.  


5.    Site Work - This is handled by local general/site contractors.  The General/Site contractor will give you a bid for your ideabox to include permits, foundation, install onto foundation and utility hookups. It is important to contact contractors early in the process, and we recommend getting a bid from at least two.  We may be able to provide local recommendations with past ideabox experience.


6.    Let’s Talk About Your House - Working from our current models makes the design process fun and easy.  We can design any model to fit your site and lifestyle. If you wish to develop a custom ideabox design, an hourly rate for design work is agreed upon to be deducted from the deposit.


7.    Concurrent Activities - A terrific attribute of building prefab is while your site and foundation is being prepared, your home is being built in a dry space out of the elements.  


8.    Your ideabox is Complete - We coordinate the delivery of your home with your site contractors when they are ready to receive it.  It is then installed onto the prepared foundation, final finish work and button-up completed by your GC.


9.      Start Having Fun - Bright open spaces, large windows, quality materials - it’s all part of the modern ideabox lifestyle!