If you've ever seen a construction site, you know that there's a lot going on underneath the skin of a house. While building codes specify the basics of home construction, there's a lot of room to optimize a house for energy efficiency, livability, and that subtle feeling of hip and cool.

Ideabox has a ton of experience designing, piloting, and managing construction projects. This experience has helped us learn how to:

  • Optimize energy efficiency
  • Maximize the usage of materials
  • Manage project budgets
  • Get the absolute most out of the prefabricated residence platform 

Design - Design rules! We have over 20 years of professional design experience in everything from large resort projects to tiny backyard sheds as well as commercial retail, industrial design, advertising and display, and more. We focus on finding well-conceived and thought-out design solutions for our clients.

Planning & Budgets –  We will review your specific permitting needs while creating a budget and schedule for the installation of your home.

Energy Efficiency - Our experience also includes designing, implementing, and managing of energy efficiency programs throughout the country. We know all about energy efficiency measures, appliances, lighting, and products. More importantly, we know which are cost effective upfront, which contribute to lower monthly costs, and which provide a higher quality of life.

Resource Efficiency - We’ve always been all about using resources intelligently. We put together one of the first pilot programs in the country that looked at building products using recycled and renewable materials. Same with water, less is more! And indoor air quality. At every opportunity, Ideabox features smart resource use.

Prefab Construction - We learned the prefab building industry through the design and management of energy efficiency programs. This experience allowed us to learn the details of construction practices in production facilities throughout the Northwest. We know the intrinsic issues of building in a production facility, which is why our houses are unlike any other.

Ultimate Lifestyle - All of these experiences are about delivering a cool house, with awesome materials, that’s just the right size, and at a price that works!

Ideabox can help you find exactly what you are looking and help you review the costs to keep them well within your budget.

Contact us for more information

P: 503.510.4789
E: tellmemore@ideabox.us

Our Design Process is Easy and Fun

Create Your Space

Ideabox offers a design phase with each of our clients.  This phase includes meeting with our design team who will gently help guide you through finding a design that fits your needs and the placement of your home on your site.  This is the perfect way to virtually visualize your Ideabox on your site!

We offer many Ideabox sizes: from our AKTIV model to our most popular two bedroom, two bath CONFLUENCE to larger sizes fit for a family!  On the tiny side: we have the newly released MINIBOX – at 200 square feet it can go just about anywhere! All of our homes have soaring ceilings, lots of light, and cross ventilation. Whichever model you choose, the space you experience will feel very clean, modern, and roomy.

Pick and Choose

This is the fun part!  The Ideabox standard palette of materials includes solid bamboo floors, maple cabinets and built-ins, quartz countertops, tank-less hot water heaters and all of the green components that have made our homes the go-tos for affordable quality spaces that always have been, and always will be, earth and health friendly. It’s certified!

Our newly released “euro option” includes interiors by IKEA.  Talk about choices!  This model has fun new floors, countertops, wardrobes, appliances, cabinets, and fun artwork to help you decorate and make your new home yours. To make it easy, an Ikea design consultant will assist you in selecting your interior finishes.  Building a new home doesn’t have to be hard, especially with Ideabox and IKEA helping you all the way through!

You Love it! What’s The Next Step?

A place to be is pretty important. If you do not have a site already, Ideabox can refer you to realtors who will help you find land that makes you happy! Ideabox offers help overseeing your project from start to finish. We’ll help you with site work, permits, general contractors, transportation, and, of course, choosing the right home and “spot” for your lifestyle.

Live Simply

In about 12 short weeks, your site work will be completed and your house will be ready to roll! Permits will have been obtained, inspections will be complete, and you will just be waiting to see what you and the design team has envisioned come to life!

At Ideabox, we take living very seriously. We want your experience living in your home to be lively yet relaxing, small yet big, warm yet cool, and most of all, simply fun.

What You Do / What We Do


  • Purchase your land (or order a home for that naked land you already own)
  • Secure financing (we know people!)
  • Determine the best model for your needs
  • Enter the Design Phase with the Ideabox team
  • Place a “deposit to build” (usually about 30%)
  • Begin site work
  • Your site contractor will pour the foundation during the building process
  • Ensure utility connections to the site
  • Make the final payment prior to shipping
  • Get excited, here it comes!


  • Provide a confirmation order with choices and prices for your final approval
  • Give you detailed factory production drawings before the factory building process
  • Confirm all foundation and utility connections with your site contractor
  • Oversee the entire project to ensure perfect timing of home delivery to the site
  • Support you through the whole process: from delivery, to set up, to final walkthrough!

Less is More…

Our homes are delivered already constructed, in one or two pieces depending on the model, from a secured origin building by semi-truck, already constructed.  Much less for you to do when it arrives and, let’s face it, with your Ideabox less is better in so many ways: less material waste, less carbon footprint, less energy consumption, less use of the earth’s precious resources, and less cleaning.

But we always deliver more of one thing: a very cool modern lifestyle.... and fun! (That's more than one thing, but that's okay) !